Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Moths: Pretty and Pricey Protection?

I just love pretty things and I tend toward Victorian styles. I also love my knits and my soon-to-be-knits (a.k.a. My Stash). So when I recently came across a blog post about discovering a moth invasion in her stash, I started to wonder. I have an old Victorian farm house, and YES, that means we have been visited by many different little buggies. I just wouldn't want them to be moths - especially stash eating moths!

So when a shopping blog popped up with this pretty little package, I swooned. How pretty - - how dainty.

Perfumed Cards for Wool & Drawers
50ml/1.65 fl oz. - 20 cards
Notes of clove, lavender, cedar, rose and mint that will scent your closets and drawers and keep your woolens moth-free. Simply spray (two to three sprays on each side of the card) the beautifully embossed acid-free paper cards then put them in your drawers or hang in closets. The lovely scent will last for 1-3 months depending on conditions. When the fragrance becomes subdued, simply spray again.

How Dare They?? I mean really? Something that smells good, looks good and might keep my stash safe, but might cost me $65 plus shipping. How Rude!! Unless I was to add up the cash value of my holdings. I won't actually do that, as someone might see the cash total and call the stash police. But if they came, wouldn't they enjoy the lovely scent?

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