Monday, December 17, 2007

Hats off to me

So it was one of those weekends. Snowy and cold, all the holiday decorations were finally put up, a great batch of soup, Kielbasa and Bean (totally yummy), and time to knit without interruption. Perfect is the only way to describe it. So the coffee pot went on with a great fancy bean blend, the wood burner was lit, audible book plugged in, and I settled into a nice soft chair. Sigh............. perfect.

I am on a mission to get three hats done this week. Two for my son and one for my mail carrier. I did have a hat near finished for my son earlier this fall, a lovely fair isle pirate skull cap. It was down to the bind off rows when it was eaten, cable needles and all, by one of my labradors. Curse you little soft mouthed dog! You'd think that eating a pair of socks every other week would be enough!

Any way, here is the first one. It's Smariek Knit's Utopia Hat. Really fast knit and I'd say a great way to learn cabling. Pretty happy with the results, except that it seems a bit short to me. I still need to get this one blocked.

And then there was Purl Bee's great 70's Ski Hat. This is a realy sweet knit and fast finish. I'm just getting to the decrease and only have about 6 hours into it.

Check out the great lining behind the brim. It's made of a cashmere blend and very, very soft.

Ok, I'll get them blocked and finished tonight. And keep them above puppy height!

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Laura said...

I love the colors in the 70's ski hat - I would have never thought of that shade of green, but it looks great with the pinkish color.