Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hats and Jogless Joins

Fresh off the needles is the second hat using Purl Bee's great 70's Ski Hat pattern. I really enjoy this pattern and could continue knitting them well into the new year. They feature a soft half lining with a wool outer cap, are knit in the round in one piece. The use of a provisional cast-on, started on one edge of the lining, allows you to fold and connect the hem inside the hat. The white lining on this one is a Rowan cashmere blend, just right for the little grandbaby for which it's intended.

One feature worth learning is Meg Swansen's jogless join, which was introduced by Meg in her Knitters article (issue 45, Winter 1996).

Knit the first round of a new color as usual. Before you start the second round, find the old color stitch below the first stitch in the round and lift it up on the needle. Knit the old color stitch with the first new color stitch.

It's really very easy and produces a smoother transition between color bands. Here's a look:

It virtually disappears at a distance. And that's "A Good Thing" to quote Martha!!

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momof3gr8kids said...

I've got to learn this! I'm not a big fan of jogs, whether knitting or exercising. That looks so smooth.