Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tiur Sweater Progress

This is the new work on my needles. I'm really enjoying doing this sweater even after a bit of a slow start. Here's what I'm going toward:

I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time, in the round. That's why I had a slow start. I first began on just one sleeve, working on DPN's, but found I really didn't get a good and even back strand between needles. Some areas of the design have 6-7 stitches to carry across, and it really was causing some pulling. So, mid work, I knit that first sleeve onto a long cable needle. After several rows of magic loop, I still had the same problem.. the strand was either too long or to too tight. I finally went into Ravelry (spelled LOVE!) and into the Stranded Forum and searched for an experienced knitter who was on-line at the same time. Voila!! Two sets of messages, a confirmation I could steek them, and away I went. I set the first single sleeve aside, and cast on both sleeves, with a ten stitch steek on either edge. It worked like a charm, and here is the work, mid pattern.

So here's where I am now. I've just finished the sleeve caps and bound off the top edge. If you look closely (at a bad photo... sorry), you can see the two steek edges on either side of the pattern area. This sleeve has a lovely picot edge that will be turned under at the hem. So now I'm off to start the body. I'll wait to block and cut these until I'm sure of the sleeve opening. So, it's off to storage for these little girls.

Oh, one of the girls at Ravelry mentioned the hat box. It's actually a pin cushion/sewing organizer. I just love pretty things.

Friday, January 4, 2008

It's her Birthday .... and She's throwing a Party

One of the great gals on Ravelry is throwing a Birthday Party Contest and she's inviting us. Simply jump over to Phoe's blog and follow the directions. Be sure and take time for read back thru her archives while you are there. Here is a bit I know about her: She's a California born knitter now living in England. You'll find that's she's loaded her blog with some wonderful knitting, recipes, and photos. She's got a great writing style and a good sense of humor also. Oh, and she's turning the big Three O = 30!!

Head over there to register for the contest and stay long enough to make a new friend.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Knitting Acronyms & SKO's

Well, I've got one. As she's a doosy. My Significant Knitting Other, or SKO's as we like to say. I'm like one of those rotten and blessed people who have daughters that knit. Daughters who are yarn obsessed. Daughters who get "it".

- They know that when I say I'm going to start a new project that it might be on needle for a while.
- That starting a project at 11:00 at night is meaningful.
- That buying an extra set of Addi's and another two balls of yarn is required when faced with a long, unexpected Doctor visit.
- They reward me when 'enough books' turns into a new "I've got to get this one" purchase.
- They aren't disappointed in me when I can't find something new at the LYS, and force them to pick something instead.
- We nearly agree that a project is finished, even it the buttons aren't sewn on yet.

Knit Like The Wind

Yup they get it, and they are my SKO's. They are good things, even if you have to birth them.

How about you? Who fills the role of Significant Knitting Other for you? Reward your SKO today (because tomorrow you may need an alibi to go shopping!)