Monday, December 10, 2007

He Who Looms

Well, I had a great weekend!! My grandson came over to stay and learn how to knit. I really wanted to see him succeed and decided loom knitting might be the way to go. So off to the store to buy the Kniffty Knitter Loom Set.

He took to knitting this way right off the bat, and finished one gift hat for his sister.

I was amazed at how fast his hands worked.

Here is the 2nd project. A set of slippers for sister #2.

Just one more to go!! Yippee!! One funny note: You can tell his moms knits! His biggest concern was that he would need to frog the hat. Honestly, I think he WANTED to be able to frog it. Got to love little ears and what they remember.

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Anonymous said...


Well, isn't he just the most precious cutest little one EVER :-) And what an amazing job he did. Ahhh, I can tell the knitting gene is in his DNA ;-)

I may, however, be bias. Tee Hee.