Thursday, December 13, 2007

All hemmed up

I love my Grandbabies. I love knitting. I love fair isle patterns. I love knitting sweaters. So of course, not much could be better than knitting a fair isle sweater for my grandson. It's a Dale of Norway pattern from the 2006 Olympics. I've changed a few things up, but basically it's a designed.

It has a little stitch pattern row tucked into the colorwork at the hem that really stands out nicely.

Like most grandma's I know, I too have a nickname given by the babies early on. This house hold calls me "Maga Barn", as in the Maga who lives on a farm with barns. The other daughters kids call me "Baah", short for grand-ba, I think! Don't you just love that?

Anyway, I knit a little memory into the hem of this sweater. One side says "Mikey 2008" and the other says "Maga Barn". The rest of the bank is circled with hearts of love.

So, now off to start the top colorwork. This is really the best part of any project I think. Just can't wait.

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She Knits Flying Monkeys said...

Oh, this is so nice. I admire anyone who does colorwork like this. Do you knit Continental or English? Was your first colorwork piece satisfying or was it a nightmare? (I have visions of throwing it all across the room...)