Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Show Me How: Knitting Storybook & How-to-Knit Instructions

I love Books
I love Grandbabies
I love to Knit

There, I've confessed and confession is good for the soul. When I found this knitting book in new releases, I marveled at the timing. I'm getting ready to launch a new knitter and found this book's description perfect. It almost sounds like it could be his journal entry following our weekend session. It goes like this:

Meet Mary Ruth—she and her brother Jacob are going to Grandma’s house for the weekend. There’s nothing Mary Ruth likes more, because Grandma has a wonderful crafts room full of cool things. And this visit, Grandma has promised Mary Ruth a special surprise: knitting lessons! At first, Mary Ruth is afraid it might be hard. But she discovers it’s fun…and easy too. The accompanying book features Mary Ruth’s knitting instructions written “just the way Grandma taught me,” with all the basic techniques and directions for four projects: a Barkley Ball, Hotsy-Totsy Hat, Tasseled Skinny Scarf, and Kitty Comforter.

Now, obviously his name isn't Mary Ruth...... but the rest is spot on. I do have a cool craft room, complete with a fireplace.

So take my lead, gather the babies near and teach them your craft. Here's a new book to get you started. BTW, the authors, Susan Levin and Gloria Tracy, are the the owners of K1C2 yarns. They also released a similar title for Show Me How:Quilting.

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