Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One Down, Two to Finish

OK, I've got the Blue Bottom done and really liked the results. I read several comments on Ravelry about the top being too small so I ended my handles before the side sections (those that came from the squared off base). This one is knit with the smaller handles also, because I envisioned it being more of a carry bay for my knitting during the summer. The yarn was Sinfonia by Omega and was stranded (like embroidery floss). It was listed as sport weight calling for size US 4, but I knit it on size US 9 circulars with size US 4 DPN'S for the handles. I totally LOVE the bottom! It acts just as I hoped it would. This is also a Mercerized Cotton, so it has a slight sheen.

I took the other yarns with me during this weekend's car trip and actually got two other bodies done.

The pink is a yarn from Patons called Grace and is also a Mercerized Cotton. This I knit in the round and did a three needle bind off on the inside. I ripped back the first bind off I did on the outside because I thought it looked a bit rough with this dainty yarn. I knit this until the end of the first skein (136 yards)on size US 8 and I needed to use magic loop, because the stitches didn't move across the cable smoothly. I thought I'd knit it a bit longer, but found the small yarn knit with a large needle actually stretched out to over 12 inches. This one is now awaiting its handles.

This is the Sugar N' Cream yarn and I have one handle on so far. This is by far my least favorite yarn. It's so heavy to work with after the two finer yarns and without the polish is feels a bit dull. It does do a great job of showing the stitch detail though. I did the same inside three needle bind off on this one and knit it on US 9. I also held off the side stitches to make the opening easier to enter. This is shown by the stitch markers in the photo. I just saved four stitches on each side from the side seams. Oh, on this one too, I did two iCord stitches in each open yarn over space to keep the front a bit bigger. I noticed on the blue bottom bag that the iCord really pulled the edge in tight.

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