Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Think a Fairy Just Came By and ......

I think a fairy just came by and pricked me with a spinning needle!! Honestly I do and I think I will remember it's sweet sting for years to come. Wait, maybe I'd better give you a piece of the story just before this.

I'm pretty sure this fairy thing has happened before in my life just with different tools. You might know what a dream catcher looks like - a circular hoop with a web in the center? I'm kind of like that but what seems to get caught in my web are new skills. I get ahold of an idea or something I want to learn and before you know it I own every tool and book required to master the thing. It has long been a part of my DNA and I'm putting the blame on those darn Fairies!!

So, all that said, I've been eying with a bit too much interest the idea of spinning some wool into yarn. It's just so darn pretty and the idea of peacefully pulling fluffy roving into small straight lines and then plying it into yarn sounds like something I'd love to try. The one draw back is knowing that it will mean more tools and time. I'd love to just test my hand it first. So when a friend keeps adding all those lovely photos of her spinning I just stare and drool. I commented this morning on her work and I thought I'd share her response:

That's how it starts, Diane. A gnawing need. Then every fair, museum, park you go to for about a year, you mysteriously stumble upon the one person spinning. Around the corner of an old farmhouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn; in the early morning sun in an out of the way house at the Cooperstown Farmers Museum; under an awning at the NY State Fair between livestock and the midway; in a hithertofore devoid-of-spinning-materials yarn shop. In tracing your genealogy you learn one 17th c. someone paid his family's transport fare by weaving sails for the British navy and so you know someone in that family did a fair amount of spinning as a livelihood. It's in your genetic code, your blood; it's insidious. You buy a drop spindle and a little bit of roving. You pull and twist and experiment, and before you know it you're sending off to New Zealand for a brand new wheel. Folks you thought were your friends egg you on, damn the expense! ... Not that it's addictive at all. lol Chances are there's a spinner near you, closer than you think possible!

I'd love to have you over. Nudge you on over to our side! :)

Did you feel it? That ever so sweet prick from the needle administered by a wee tiny Fairy? Yup, me too!! Who could resist? I'm thinking, Not I!!

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