Thursday, January 3, 2008

Knitting Acronyms & SKO's

Well, I've got one. As she's a doosy. My Significant Knitting Other, or SKO's as we like to say. I'm like one of those rotten and blessed people who have daughters that knit. Daughters who are yarn obsessed. Daughters who get "it".

- They know that when I say I'm going to start a new project that it might be on needle for a while.
- That starting a project at 11:00 at night is meaningful.
- That buying an extra set of Addi's and another two balls of yarn is required when faced with a long, unexpected Doctor visit.
- They reward me when 'enough books' turns into a new "I've got to get this one" purchase.
- They aren't disappointed in me when I can't find something new at the LYS, and force them to pick something instead.
- We nearly agree that a project is finished, even it the buttons aren't sewn on yet.

Knit Like The Wind

Yup they get it, and they are my SKO's. They are good things, even if you have to birth them.

How about you? Who fills the role of Significant Knitting Other for you? Reward your SKO today (because tomorrow you may need an alibi to go shopping!)

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