Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Moebius

Sometimes, I just can't get enough knitting in my system. I think about it at work, while driving, and in the shower. So I absolutely appreciate the Knitty Gritty TV series. I record it on my Dish and have instant gratification when I need a knitting infusion.

So when this project aired, I just couldn't resist the urge to try it out. I didn't need a moebius and honestly couldn't imagine what I would do with one. But the real question was - "Could I knit a moebius"? I mean a seamless version.

So with my remote between pause and play, I grabbed some extra alpaca yarn, a long set of 40" cable needles, and cast on. I got so caught up in the process of learning the new cast on that I didn't count stitches. I just kept casting on until the needles where full. I also used a size #5 cable instead of the #10 called for simply because I was waiting for my new needle set to arrive.

It turned out to be great fun and very addicting. I did frog it though, as I had way too many stitches and way too small needles.

So this weekend I cast on again, with the right number of stitches and on the right size needles for gage. It was a fun project. It's a bit hairy from the Alpaca, or should I say my workspace and I ended up hairy! I added a color change to give the edge more of a collar look.

This is going to be gifted to my Mail Carrier here at work to keep her nice and warm and very, very girlie.

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