Friday, November 30, 2007

Betz White makes me Warm & Fuzzy

This is the time of year when cold hands turn to warm sweaters. Knitters are very tuned into our love of all things warm and woolly. So when I came across a new book being released this month, I just couldn't resist the urge to share.

Betz White takes those old sweaters and recycles them into felted, fun crafts.

Great yummy treats that delight the eye and not the waist!! What could be better?

Only a great cup of Mocha Coffee, of course!!

As I understand it, the idea of recycling old woolen sweaters into felted cupcakes came to Betz White in a dream. That make perfect sense, as these are just SO dreamy.

So here's the new book, due out around December 14th, 2007. Just can't wait for a peek. And then there's all the re-sale store shopping for just the right shade of sweater to bring home and felt. Can't wait!!!

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