Wednesday, April 16, 2008

CAN you take another Tote??

I'm starting to get obsessed with this tote!! I'm half way through the month working with the Ravelry KAL and I've really started to 'get' this bag. I've been knitting in the round, changed up the handles, and really like the bottomed version. One thing I've noted is the tremendous stretch when you load these totes. My goal is to be able to use this at the grocery store at months end and it's was very obvious that something as heavy as canned goods just wouldn't work in any of my previous bags. They would definitely be big enough but I would never be able to expect them to lift the weight without dragging on the ground.

I decided to switch up the yarn and tested this one in nylon. My local craft store stocks a yarn from Hilos called LaEspiga #18. It comes on a spool, is 100% nylon and states its for "fishing nets, bags, macrame & handicrafts". I'll be the first to admit, it's not the most pleasant to knit with. I thought cotton was stiff until I worked with this puppy. IT DOESN'T give at ALL!! But I figured that was the reason it might be able to carry canned goods and I was right! Yippee for the little people!! Truth be told, I wish I had about four more made with this stuff. If groceries are your intended target, I'd suggest giving it a try. I'm sure I'll use it again for this pattern.

So, here's the facts: Knit in the round on 81 stitches with six repeats of the four row pattern. It looks funny when it's empty as it only measures 8 inches flat. I knew I wanted it shorter then the others as it was only holding short cans of food. When it's loaded though, it stretches out just right. When it came time to close the bottom, I laid the two needles side by side as if to do a three needle bind off. I then worked the crochet hook through front and back needle to bind them together with a single crochet. This is stiff stuff and it seemed a better choice than knitting the stitched together. I also made sure not to pull the stitches too thigh so that the bag wouldn't draw up at the bottom, I wanted it to have enough ease to be able to fit several cans inside.

I worked the handles in one piece, as described here. I totally love this handle alteration and you can see I also left 6 stitches open along each side seam, both front and back. Twelve stitches total between iCords. It lays open just right and can easily hold six cans and I'm guessing up to eight with no problem.

Know off to solve the bread and eggs bag!! Any suggestions?

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nihalg said...

i love all of the bags! you are right about the nylon being more sturdy than cotton.. i wil ljoin the cal right away!