Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great New Toy

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I just love gadgets. I got this one from Tricia at Nana's Knitting Shop. One surprising thing that she noted was that not many of these counters are being sold by other stores. I agree with her. I've had mine for about a week, and have used it every time I picked up a new sweater I'm working on.

It has four different sections for counting stitches/rows. It can record total rows worked, which pattern row you are on, how many rows until the next increase or decrease and how many Inc or Dec you've done. This has been a huge help in a 12 row cable pattern, with a sleeve increase every third row. I love it!! Thanks Tricia.

If I had to find fault, it would be that I need one for each project that is in progress. But hey, that means more toys, right? You know what they say, "She who owns the most toys, has the happiest kids when it's time to split the goods"

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